Blu-ray review | Evil Dead | The seriously scary fun reboot is now yours to own

evil dead blu-ray

Five friends go to a cabin in the woods to help druggie Mia (Jane Levy) go cold turkey. But when a demonic spirit is awakened after one of the curious friends recites a passage from the Naturon Demonto, all hell breaks loose as the spirit sets out to consume the five souls it needs to rise from its netherworld lair…


This Evil Dead reboot is some seriously scary fun, and way better than it ought to be. The producers of the original horror classic (Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell) certainly found the right person in Fede Alvarez to direct their daring re-conception, as he stays true to the gleeful goriness of the original while giving fans everything they could want from a big budget horror movie: convincing story, characters you can care about, and brilliantly conceived set pieces featuring outrageously bloody scenes involving a carving knife, needles, a nail gun and (in a nod to the original) a chainsaw.

If you didn’t catch this frightfest on the big screen, here’s your chance to take the horror home as it comes Blu-ray, DVD, Download and On-Demand (from 12 August). A 2-disc collector’s edition is available at Sainsbury’s on DVD and Blu-ray, while the Limited Edition Steelbook is only available online at Zavvi


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