Blu-ray review | The ABCs of Death | The slick sick horror anthology with lashings of blood and guts is now yours to own

The ABCs of Death Blu-rayThis shocking, funny, confrontational anthology is destined for notoriety.

If you are a fan of cult weirdness, toilet humour (there’s lots of it) and know your Ti West from your Jake West, then these 26 short films – which range from the absurd, the baffling and the cleverly comic – will float your boat, while the bucket loads of blood and guts are certain to test your gore levels.

Now out on DVD and Blu-ray, it’s best to choose a letter at random and watch it in all its gory. And if you want to delve more into the warped minds of the film-makers, you can check out the commentaries which accompany each short in the extras.

The ABCs of Death

For what it’s worth, here’s my breakdown:
Purple (One to Watch) Green (Just OK) Orange (To be Avoided)
A is for Apocalypse (Nacho Vigalondo, Spain) Comical.
B is for Bigfoot (Adrían Garcia Bogliano, Mexico) Just ok soap opera spoof.
C is for Cycle by (Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Chile) Not very good.
D is for Dogfight (Marcel Sarmiento, USA) Outstanding aural delight.
E is for Exterminate (Angela Bettis, USA) Something about spiders.
F is for Fart (Noburu Iguchi, Japan) Wretched bad taste joke.
G is for Gravity (Andrew Traucki, Australia) Deadly dull surf death.
H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion (Thomas Malling, Norway) WTF!
I is for Ingrown (Jorge Michel Grau, Mexico) Unforgettable Psycho shower scene.
J is for Jidai-Geki (Yudai Yamaguchi, Japan) Harakiri with laughs.
K is for Klutz (Anders Morgenthaler, Denmark) Very funny poo joke.
L is for Libido (Timo Tjahjanto, Indonesia) Sick. Disgusting. Vile.
M is for Miscarriage (Ti West, USA) Lazy, insulting miscarriage.
N is for Nuptials (Banjong Pisathanakun, Thailand) Loved this talking bird comedy.
O is for Orgasm (Bruno Forzani & Héléne Cattet, Belgium) Arthouse perfection.
P is for Pressure (Simon Rumley, UK) Sad. Twisted. Worth a second look.
Q is for Quack by (Adam Wingard, USA) Surprisingly dull.
R is for Removed (Srdjan Spasojevic, Serbia) Incomprehensible. Disappointing.
S is for Speed (Jake West, UK) A ripper speed trip to Hell a la Mad Max.
T is for Toilet (Lee Hardcastle, UK) Another toilet joke, but the best by far.
U is for Unearthed (Ben Wheatley, UK) Interesting, but not arresting.
V is for Vagitus (Kaare Andrews, USA) Weird sci-fi horror that’s better than Oblivion.
W is for WTF! (Jon Schnepp, USA) Chucking everything at the screen isn’t clever.
X is for XXL (Xavier Gens, France) This gorefest should come with a health warning.
Y is for Youngbuck (Jason Eisener, Canada) A sick delight and a visual feast.
Z is for Zetsumetsu
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