Blu-ray review | The Sting – Redford & Newman’s classic con game still pays off handsomely

Paul Newman and Robert Redford established such an easygoing on-screen chemistry in their 1969 hit Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid that it’s no wonder that Hollywood re-teamed them with director George Roy Hill for The Sting, an ingeniously plotted and richly entertaining caper movie that sees them playing a pair of nimble-witted con-men in 1930s Chicago. Newly issued on Blu-ray as part of Universal Pictures’ 100th anniversary celebrations, The Sting hasn’t lost its charm since its original release in 1973 when it set the box office alight and won seven Oscars (including Best Film). The bantering playing of the stars, as they try to relieve ruthless mobster Robert Shaw of his money, is immensely appealing and the 30s period is vividly recreated, with Scott Joplin‘s ragtime music catchily arranged by Marvin Hamlisch. Incidentally, the close-ups in the film’s high-stakes poker game are not of Paul Newman’s hands but those of card expert John Scarne.

The Sting is released on Blu-ray by Universal Pictures on Monday 11th June

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