Blue Go Mad in Ibiza on new ITV2 series

UK boyband Blue have filmed a four-part TV series in Ibiza, ITV2 has announced.

ITV2 will follow band members Lee Ryan, Antony Costa, Simon Webbe and Duncan James for 14 days as they attempt to transform a beachfront bar in one of Ibiza’s most popular holiday destinations, San Antonio, into a party hotspot.

What the boys didn’t know is that the challenge is a set up. The bar’s ‘staff’ and acquaintances, including a chauvinistic head bar man and a flamboyant PR representative, are all actors and comedians.

As the boys do everything they can to make the bar a success, they will face a number of amusing hoaxes and situations along the way which have been created specially to cause chaos.

Blue, who made their music comeback on ITV2’s The Big Reunion in 2013, said they ‘thoroughly enjoyed running the bar’ and even saw it as a ‘potential future’ for the band.

On being tricked by ITV2, the singers said they were shocked at being fooled and couldn’t believe they didn’t guess what was going on.


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