Bodyguard star Richard Madden reveals bizarre reason he was ‘asked to leave Netflix HQ’

No water for Richard!

It was recently revealed his hit BBC drama Bodyguard will be shown on Netflix – but Richard Madden claims the streaming service asked him to leave its HQ for the most bizarre reason.

Richard, 32, was on American talk show KTLA Morning News when he made the weird confession.

He said: ‘I walked in and I was told I was in the wrong building. But there was a fridge of Netflix-branded bottled water, which I went to grab a bottle of and he said you have to go around the corner for your guys’ show.

‘I said, “Cool. I’ll just grab a bottle of water”. But I was told no, it’s for Netflix employees only. I said, “Well I am a Netflix employee. I’m on a show”. He said, “Sir, you have to put that water back now”. I was like, seriously? Surely I can have a bottle of water.

‘But again he just said, “No. You have to but that back now. You have to leave now”. They held the door open for me and I left the building.’

It’s no surprise Netflix would want the streaming rights to Bodyguard. The drama – which also stars Keeley Hawes – was an instant hit with viewers, and a huge 17m tuned in for the final.

So you’d think Netflix could spare a bottle or two for Richard. Must be something in the water…

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