Bombshell heading for THIS Emmerdale character – will their life ever be the same again?

Next week sees a new twist heading for Emmerdale as Paddy Kirk's life is turned upside down...

Emmerdale’s Paddy Kirk is set to have his world turned upside down next week when he comes face-to-face with Bear Wolf, the professional wrestler who could be his dad.

Ever since Mandy Dingle came back to the Dales to drop the bombshell that Paddy’s dad might not be who he thought it was, the vet has kept his head in the sand.

Despite Marlon desperately trying to get his best friend to face facts and meet Bear Wolf to get some answers, Paddy has refused to even entertain the idea.

Paddy bumps into Bear Wolf

Paddy’s a bundle of nerves as they arrive at the wrestling convention

But next week that’s all set to change when Marlon calls in sick to work, secretly planning to have a day trip to see wrestler Bear Wolf in action.

The only problem is, his secret isn’t kept hidden for long when Paddy finds out he’s not at work and pops over to see if his friend is okay.

When Paddy catches Marlon, who is not only fit as a fiddle, but also wearing a Bear Wolf t-shirt, it doesn’t take long for the penny to drop and for Paddy to work out where Marlon is heading for the day.

Eventually he reluctantly agrees to go along to the wrestling convention, but only when Chas and Jessie also agree to come too.

Paddy bumps into Bear Wolf

Will Paddy get the answers he’s looking for?

But when they arrive at the venue, they’re disappointed to see that it is an old working men’s club… not exactly the glamorous setting they’d imagined.

Paddy is a bundle of nerves as they prepare to go in, and decides to stay outside for some fresh air while the others find their seats.

But as he walks around the corner in the car park, he comes face-to-face with Bear Wolf – the man who could be his dad.

As poor Paddy struggles to get his words out, he tries to tell Bear Wolf who he is. But with his nerves getting the better of him, will he manage to get the answers he’s so desperately looking for?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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