Book ’em, Danno! Hawaii Five-O to return

A new version of classic 1970s series Hawaii Five-O is in development at American network CBS.

The Hollywood Reporter says the new series will, like its predecessor, be filmed on location in Honolulu.

The remake is apparently being helmed by Ed Bernero, the creative force behind successful US drama Criminal Minds. He said: “We will try to keep as much of the original as possible. I’m not trying to reinvent it.”

Hawaii Five-O made its debut in 1968 and ran until 1980, making it the longest-running crime drama on television until Law & Order surpassed it in 2003.

The show, which starred Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett, leader of an elite state police unit, routinely ranked in the Top 20 US programmes between 1969 and 1975. The son of Lord’s character will be the chief in the new version.

Other shows likely to be reborn on network TV in the US include, Knight Rider, Beverly Hills 90210 and The Streets of San Francisco.

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