Boy George has told his Twitter followers that although he previously criticised a TV biopic about himself, he felt actor Douglas Booth had ‘done him proud’.

The 48-year-old Culture Club singer – real name George O’Dowd – was a consultant on BBC drama Worried About The Boy, in which 17-year-old Burberry model Douglas played him, but criticised the writing after watching the show.

Boy George has now tweeted: “I never slated Worried About The Boy, I’m allowed to have an opinion, in general it was pretty entertaining actually.

“Douglas Booth did me proud, I love the acting, the look, genius, a few script issues for me but love Boy Doug!”

After the show aired on BBC Two on Sunday night, the singer wrote: “Verdict, beautifully shot and styled but badly written, it lacks heart and soul!

“The make-up is the best thing about it.

“It’s what happens when straight blokes write about p**fs, one dimensional but great drag!

“I’m glad the doc was made, love Doug and Matt and the Kirk guy (cute), it was entertaining but lacking!”

The drama showed Boy George as a young man in the 80s, trying to become a star and battling drug addiction, as well as dealing with issues surrounding his sexuality.