Boy George slams Honey G’s success on The X Factor: ‘It’s a joke’

The Voice UK mentor Boy George says rival ITV singing show The X Factor has become ridiculous because of rapper Honey G's presence

Boy George has branded The X Factor ‘a joke’ over aspiring rapper Honey G’s success on the show.

The hip-hop act, 35, has survived the first two weeks of the live shows after she was controversially put through by her mentor Sharon Osbourne.

Honey G
Honey G (Syco/Thames/Dymond/PA)


Boy George, 55, a former coach on The Voice, blamed talent shows for making pop music bland and said it was ‘ridiculous’ that Honey G had got so far.

Real name Anna Georgette Gilford, Honey G has sparked speculation that she is not genuine because of her amusing dance moves, outfits and attempts at street slang.

Boy George told Good Morning Britain: “The reason why pop music’s so bad is because the public has been dictating the art form.

“All these shows, everything’s a format, so nobody’s really individual any more.”

The Karma Chameleon singer said that Honey G ‘would be a great Britain’s Got Talent contestant. But for a singing show, it’s ridiculous’.

Honey G
Honey G (ITV)


He told GMB: “The fact that Freddy (Parker) got sent home and other people got sent home and she (stayed). It’s like a joke, it’s a joke.”

Honey G was sent through to the lives shows after judge Sharon decided to take a ‘risk’ on the hip-hop singer, who has told judges she is ‘sweet like Honey G’.

“Honey G could be the next big recording artist,” the rapper has boasted. “I’m going to put North Weezy (north-west London) right on the map, baby”.

Watch Honey G’s performance on The X Factor on Saturday:


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