Boyzone tell us about celebrating their 20-year career in a one-off ITV special, Boyzone at 20: No Matter What (Friday, December 13)…

In 1993 when you met Louis Walsh and started Boyzone did you ever dream you’d still be together 20 years later?

Mikey Graham: “No – if we had we wouldn’t have called ourselves Boyzone!”

Shane Lynch: “Back in the ’90s we didn’t question it, we just had an amazing journey. We got on this train called Boyzone and went with it!”

Spice Girls’ Melanie C will be performing with you during ITV’s hour-long studio show, hosted by Dannii Minogue. What else can we expect?

Ronan Keating: “We look back at the past 20 years of our career and pay special tribute to the loss of Stephen [Gately]. These 20 years together makes a hell of a story and getting the four of us together to tell it and sing the songs is quite a moment. We also look to the future and perform a couple of songs from the new album BZ20.

Shane: “The anniversary has given us an amazing excuse to get back together. As Ro says we’re looking back at the past, the songs, and the losses we’ve had, but also confidently looking forward too.”

Stephen’s death in 2009 was devastating. How difficult has it been to move on and regroup?

Mikey: “The dynamics in the group have changed so much since we lost him. He was a great character.”

Keith Duffy: “The loss of Stephen brought us closer than ever before. It’s very important we respect his memory without using his misfortune to push us either. I don’t think anyone could question our respect for our lost brother. It’s of the utmost importance to us.”

Ronan: “Part of the reason we enjoy being together is that it feels like Stephen’s in the room with us. It’s harder when you’re alone. There’s nothing we do together where we don’t pay tribute to him.”

What do you think he’d make of this special reunion show?

Mikey: “He’d absolutely love it and have a great time if he were here.”

Keith: “Yeah, Stephen was a performer on and off stage. Some of his best performances were in the dressing room!”

Ronan: “I can think of a few things he’d say, but I can’t say them!”

[They all erupt into laughter]

What are you looking forward to next?

Keith: “Thankfully our fans are very loyal so we’re looking forward to going back on tour with our new album, having a great time and feeling 20 years younger too. Although when teenagers run up to us now, it’s to tell us their granny loves us!”