Bradley Walsh and Kayvan Novak start filming BBC undercover comedy Woody

Filming has begun on the BBC’s new six-part comedy Woody, starring Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker) and Bradley Walsh (Law & Order: UK). 

Set on a fictional Spanish island, Kayvan plays Woody, an undercover reporter who is forced to flee from the British authorities after being framed by his corrupt newspaper editor. Woody goes on the run to find Brutus (Walsh), his former mentor at the newspaper and the one man he can trust.

But Brutus, who is now an 
expatriate living a quiet life running a bar on a Spanish island, is less 
than thrilled to see Woody. Despite their efforts to lay low, trouble 
seems to find them, so Brutus and Woody end up joining forces to take on 
a series of investigations, crimes and mysteries, seeing Woody running 
rings around the locals by adopting a variety of guises at a moment’s 

Kayvan and Bradley will be joined on set by a host of comic talent, including Keith Allen (The Comic Strip), Jack Dee (Lead Ballon), Morgana Robinson (The Morgana Show), Jamie Demetriou (Scrotall Recall) and Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones).

“So here I am in the sun, solving crimes and pretending to be a pirate, a hypnotist and a lady croupier,” says Kayvan. “I thought life couldn’t get any better. Then I saw Bradley Walsh drive by on a jet ski wearing nothing but a dressing gown. I love this place.”

Bradley added: “My goodness what a blast it is filming Woody. With a 
very funny script , brilliant cameos from the likes of Keith Allen and
Paul Kaye as Señor Big and Frederico Mercury, what’s not to like!! I’m 
loving every second working with the brilliant Kayvan Novak, it’s a hoot 
from dawn to dusk!”

Woody will be arriving on our screens in the spring


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