Brand takes mum to yoga classes

Russell Brand apparently has a new yoga partner – his mum.
The actor and comedian, a huge yoga devotee, has been snapped attending his regular classes in Los Angeles with his mother.
Doing Downward Dogs alongside his mum is new for Russell, who has previously bonded with love interests over their shared love of the tradition.
When he hooked up with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell earlier this year, the couple were said to have bonded over yoga.
There have also previously been reports that Russell has dated women who share his hobby.
The Sun reported earlier this year: “Russell arrived at yoga with his new girl on Tuesday and they shared a big kiss in his car after the class. His antics are the talk of his yoga class.
“He was spotted with a girl after his lesson last Thursday too. He had just left the class and was all over her in a nearby cafe.”