Brandy causes a stir the minute she arrives in Benidorm – and sidekick Martin should really watch out, as actress Sheridan Smith explains…

Tell us a bit about Brandy…
“What a trollop! Brandy is a Scouse slapper, but she is so much fun to play. I had to get spray-tanned every morning so I’m bright orange, caked in make-up, wearing the tiniest dresses and the highest high heels I’ve ever had to wear. She’s a real character – she comes in and kicks up a bit of a stink.”

She arrives at the Solana Resort with Martin, doesn’t she?
“Martin turns up with Brandy, who’s a lot younger, trashier and loud-mouthed so people don’t really know what to make of her. They couldn’t be more like chalk and cheese; they’re worlds apart.”

So how did they meet?
“It becomes clear in episode two that they met at a self-help therapy group. They’ve gone to Benidorm just as friends but she’s been quite flirty with him and he doesn’t know if there’s a spark there or not.”

What happens when the holidaymakers visit the Callosa waterfalls?
“They go to the waterfalls at Callosa and Brandy gets up to her naughty tricks again. It’s a beautiful place but she manages to cause trouble as only Brandy would. She’s just wild and loves having a joke at everyone else’s expense.”

What does Brandy do?
“Brandy gets into the pool with Martin, who hasn’t brought any swimming trunks, so she gets him to take his pants off under the water and give them to her, saying she’s going to hang them out to dry and meet him by the waterfalls. Well, of course, she throws his clothes away and runs off and he’s left in the pool with nothing on!”

How does Martin manage to get out of that one?
“He has to come out of the pool protecting himself with Michael the little boy, so he’s really humiliated.”

What was it like filming the waterfall scenes?
“We were filming at six in the morning and it was absolutely freezing. Every time they said ‘action’, we had to look like it was boiling hot and when they said ‘cut’ everyone started shivering again. Also, I had to film the scenes at the waterfall straight after having my appendix out – they managed to find a swimsuit with a strip down the middle that just covers my stitches so you can’t see them.”

Does Martin see the funny side of Brandy’s practical joke?
“That night, Martin gets drunk and stands up to Brandy, who gets really upset, so she gets a taste of her own medicine. But that doesn’t stop her for long. She just goes off with another guy and she’s fine.”

Where does that leave Martin and Brandy’s relationship?
“Brandy’s quite a slapper while she’s in Benidorm; she’s not just exclusive to Martin, she gets it on with everyone! Brandy is so naughty but so much fun, I loved playing her. It tends to be the way nowadays; I’m always playing slappers and chavs. I’m scared I’m getting typecast.”

You’ll soon be starring on the West End stage in Legally Blonde, alongside Blue star Duncan James…
“I’m really nervous but I’m really excited, I can’t wait. I’m currently filming Jonathan Creek and then I start rehearsals for Legally Blonde, which opens on December 5. Duncan is so lovely, we get on great plus I get to snog him every night. That can’t be bad, can it?”

*The new series of Benidorm starts on Friday October 2 at 9pm on ITV1*