Brendan Cole’s finding fatherhood ‘phenomenal’

Brendan Cole has revealed that he is enjoying the new ‘adventure’ that comes with being a father.

The Strictly Come Dancing star became a dad for the first time when wife Zoe gave birth to their daughter Aurelia in December.

“It’s a phenomenal thing. It’s a whole world of adventure you don’t realise you are in for. Yesterday, I went baby swimming,” said the professional dancer.

“It’s things like that that make you realise it’s the most important job you can do. It’s the one thing that most parents take very seriously, myself included. I’m really looking forward to the spring, when we get out to the garden and learn some more adventures.”

The 36-year-old New Zealander, who partnered Olympic medal-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton in the last series of Strictly, revealed he is getting very involved in his fatherly duties.

“I am very hands-on and have been from day one. I did the first dozen or so nappy changes. I want to be hands-on – night feeds and so on. As much as I can do, I’ll be there. The dirty jobs are the best,” he said.

Brendan is taking some time out after completing his own nationwide tour.

“I’m just spending more time with the family. I’ve been neglecting them for the past eight months while I was working very hard so now I’ve got some downtime,” he added.