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Brewster’s Millions: Richard Pryor, Lonette McKee

I initially chose this film because it’s about money, and we’re all worrying about that these days now that we’re waking up to the inevitability of a bleak economic future.

Yes, I deliberately picked this film because it seemingly offers the perfect 97 minutes of escapism. Right now we don’t have much money, but I considered that it would surely be fun to watch a man inheriting loads of it with the promise of even more if he can squander the first $30million.

But will it be fun? In preparation I had planned to play my own Brewster’s Millions game, devising a list of how I’d fritter away all those dollars. But as soon as I started thinking about it, I began to feel rather sickened.

Brewster’s Millions: Richard Pryor

Far from offering a slice of fun and frivolous escapism, picking this film today has actually provided much food for thought.

You see, it’s forced me to acknowledge my dire knowledge of economics, and because of that I’ve been driven to sit through a crash course on the current situation, delivered by American scientist Chris Martenson, available online here
Brewster’s Millions: Richard Pryor, John Candy

Hmm, perhaps this movie doesn’t offer such escapist entertainment after all.