The X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman says Stacey Solomon’s version of the winner’s single is the best of the three remaining acts.

Brian, 32, confessed the Essex girl wasn’t always his favourite act, but admits her rendition of the potential Christmas No 1 changed his mind.

He said: “Stacey’s is the best – I’ve always said I wanted it to be Joe (McElderry) and Olly (Murs) in the final, but after hearing Stacey’s version of the winner’s single I want her to make it there because it’s so incredible.”

Rumours persist this year’s winner’s song will be Miley Cyrus’s hit The Climb, but Brian refused to confirm the speculation.

“It’s a good song, that’s what I can say,” he said.

Robbie Williams is tipped to appear on stage with Olly in Saturday’s live show, which would give Brian the task of choreographing the two big personalities.

He said: “Had they ever ended up on stage together then I’m sure their chemistry would work just fine and they wouldn’t need any choreography.

“Like I did last year with Beyonce and Alex (Burke), less is more, and you let it be about them singing rather than staging, choreography or anything that would detract from that.

“So with all of the duets this year it’s going to be primarily talent joining talent.”