Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall has said he is coping well with working on the Broadchurch UK sequel and its US remake, Gracepoint, at the same time.

The writer of the hit ITV murder mystery said he was more concerned about the second series of the British version, but wasn’t finding it too stressful working on two new shows at once.

He said: “It’s just another job. It’s interesting – James (Strong, director) and I are both working on it. My main focus is on Broadchurch 2 really, to be honest, so there are great showrunners and a great company doing that. The most exciting thing for us is the next Broadchurch.

“I’ve come from theatre and you have different productions of a text in theatre, so it’s not unusual. I find it surprising that people find it surprising because it’s a really interesting thing to do.

“The original show didn’t air to a large number of people at all in America and the offer was there. It’s an experiment and I think they’ve done a really great job.”

Chris also had news of further Broadchurch franchises: “There’s possibly a French remake as well.”

But he remained typically tight-lipped about any plot details for Broadchurch 2: “If I tell you the measures, you might work things out of that to ask me.”


Press Association