Broadchurch’s Jodie happily ignorant about series 2

Jodie Whittaker says she’s glad not to know anything about the new series of Broadchurch so that she doesn’t ruin the surprise.

The actress who played Beth Latimer, the mother of a murdered child, in the hit ITV drama series said she felt more comfortable having the storyline of a second series kept a secret from her.

She said: “No one’s really been told what it’s about. It would be lovely to be asked, but we don’t know what direction it’s going in – it could be another murder, it could be about the family.

“We’ve not been told so I can’t ruin it which is good. I prefer it when I’m not told, that’s the safer option.”

Her co-star Andrew Buchan, who played her on-screen husband Mark Latimer, confirmed Broadchurch bosses are staying as tight-lipped as ever about the plot.

Andrew said: “Just like everything on this show, it’s a secret.”

The first series of Broadchurch kept the killer’s identity a secret from all but 29 people before the final episode went out.

Even the cast, which included Olivia Colman, David Tennant and Pauline Quirke, didn’t know who had done it until it came to that point in the script.

Matthew Gravelle, who played Olivia’s husband Joe Miller, was revealed as the murderer in front of an audience of nine million.

He told The Sun: “During filming I didn’t think it was me until Chris [Chibnall, the writer] phoned to tell me. Watching it live with the nation, it seems more obvious that I should have suspected it was me all along.”


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