Brooke Vincent: ‘Jane Danson wants to do Dancing on Ice!’

The Dancing on Ice finalist has revealed which of her Corrie co-stars she's inspired to have a go at the skating show...

Brooke Vincent has revealed which of her Coronation Street co-stars are keen to get their skates on for Dancing on Ice.

The actress will compete in the grand final of the ITV skating show on Sunday night alongside reality TV favourite Jake Quickenden and rugby star Max Evans.

Talking to ahead of the final, Brooke – best known as Corrie’s Sophie Webster – revealed: “Jane Danson [Leanne Battersby] says she might have a go and I told Lucy Fallon [Bethany Platt] she should have a go. So, yeah, there are a few people. It’s mad how much support you get within your workplace about something completely different, which means a lot because they’re like my family.”

And many of Brooke’s Corrie pals will be in the audience on Sunday night to cheer her on. “I think Ryan Thomas is coming with his girlfriend and Sacha Parkinson is coming,” said Brooke, who’s partnered on the show with American ice dance pro Matej Silecky. “A lot of them have been throughout the series, which has been mega for me, because that’s massive support. But I hope everyone else will be at home frantically voting – they’ll get shouted at if they’re not!”

All the Class 2018 will be back for the finale – and one person who’s particularly thrilled that Brooke’s made it to the final is her Corrie co-star Antony Cotton, who also took part in this year’s Dancing on Ice but was eliminated in week seven of the competition.

“Antony’s definitely one of our fans, he’s lovely,” said Brooke. “Since he was eliminated, he’s been texting me every week saying well done and he really roots for us.”

The actress is pleased that her appearance on Dancing on Ice has allowed people to see her as ‘Brooke’ and not ‘Sophie’.

“It’s been nice for me because a lot of people that watch Corrie only see my character,” said Brooke: “But this is the first time where I’ve been able to just go out there, have fun and people have seen me for who I am and not for who my character is. And it’s been nice that people actually like ME!”

She added: “Little girls come up to me now and say: ‘Oh my God, you’re from Dancing on Ice’ and I’m like: ‘Yeah, yeah, I am!'”

Dancing on Ice: The Final can be seen on Sunday March 11 at 6pm on ITV.

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