Bruce Forsyth has revealed his biggest kick after showing the Strictly Come Dancing results show the red card – he’ll be able to get home for Match Of The Day.

And he admitted quitting the extra programme was the “main reason” he decided not to quit the series entirely.

Bruce said reducing his working hours will make an “enormous difference” to how he feels about sticking with the show. The 82-year-old has struggled with the demanding hours of the programme, he admitted.

“It’s a long day,” he said. “It is a 12-hour show and I don’t know any other TV presenters who do a programme like Strictly.”

He said the BBC suggested he dropped the results programme – which will this year revert to being screened on a Sunday – in an effort to make things easier.

“I thought immediately ‘my goodness yes, it will make a difference’. It means I will finish about 9pm, get home in time for Match Of The Day and it turns my 12-hour day into a 10-hour day which is much more manageable.”

He said he is continually asked whether this will be his final series.

“After negotiations this year this idea from the BBC of not doing the results programme is the main reason that made me return to Strictly.

“I am going to feel very different on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday. I am sure it’s going to make an enormous difference.”

Bruce returns to screens with the launch show for the next series on Saturday.