Bullying charge ‘did have an effect’ – Misha B

Misha B has claimed Tulisa Contostavlos’s remarks about behaviour backstage were partially to blame for her exit from The X Factor.

The 19-year-old singer praised the judge as ‘inspirational’ and said she had put the comments – when Tulisa accused Misha of being ‘mean’, while fellow judge Louis Walsh suggested she had been a ‘bully’ – behind her.

Misha said she believed that the remarks ‘did have an effect’ on viewers, but added: “I believe everything happens for a reason.

“That chapter of my life is now closed… Tulisa is amazing, she’s inspirational.”

Misha’s final performance at the weekend brought the N-Dubz star to tears, sparking speculation that the judge might be feeling guilty.

But Misha, who was voted out in the semi-final, said: “I don’t know why (she was crying). Maybe she connected to the song.”

Earlier, the singer said she had forgiven Tulisa, telling ITV1’s Daybreak: “Forgiving is the thing that I have done. I believe that in situations that occur in life, you shouldn’t get bitter, you should just get better.”

Misha did not speak to the judge after her performance, but said she would stay in touch with her own mentor, Kelly Rowland, who had given her lots of advice.

She revealed she had been in touch with Missy Elliott and she could end up working with the US rapper.

“A lot of my fans were tweeting her, I didn’t know, and she was watching my performances on X Factor clips that my fans sent her. So I thought, this is one of my heroes. I tweeted her and we got chatting. Hopefully we can work together.”