British actor Charlie Hunnam is about to get a major career boost when he stars alongside Hellboy 2’s Ron Perlman on US TV next week.

Sons Of Anarchy sees the 28-year-old play a member of a notorious biker gang in the new action-packed drama series set in California.

Since starting his career on Byker Grove and then starring in Queer As Folk, for the last 10 years Charlie has been steadily finding work in Hollywood. He said: “My life hasn’t changed much. I just live a very quiet, normal life like I always have.”

And despite signing on for what looks set to be a massive show in the States, Charlie insisted he’s staying grounded: “Really the only change in my life is whether I’m working or not and whether I can afford to eat or not and this is one of the good moments where I can afford to eat for the next few months.”

Charlie added that getting to grips with acting on a motorbike was the least of his worries: “The biggest thing was shooting. You shoot so quick in television and I’m really unaccustomed to shooting that quickly and hadn’t done really a standard American accent in the way that I’m doing in this, so there were a lot of challenges along the way, but the motorcycle riding was the most pleasurable of them all.”

Sons Of Anarchy premieres on the FX channel in the US next week.