C4 halts What Happens In Kavos after ‘exploitation’ claims

Channel 4 has pulled the plug on its controversial series What Happens In Kavos following claims that producers had been ‘exploiting’ young female holidaymakers at the resort.

According to The Sun production staff had been given the task of scouring the Corfu resort in search of cheating couples and those having one night stands – as well as attempting to catch people sharing intimate moments at their holiday homes.

Other reports suggested a special prize would be offered to producers who could find young girls using the morning-after pill as a form of contraception.

As a result Dragonfly Productions, which has been making the show, has now stopped its filming pending an investigation.

“We have apologised to Channel 4 and halted production so we can regroup the team in London, investigate and fully understand how this happened,” said the company’s head Simon Dickson.

A Channel 4 insider described the incident as a ‘total embarrassment’ – while no decision has yet been reached on whether to air the episodes already filmed.

Earlier reports suggested that while show staff had been told to ensure those filmed signed a consent form confirming they were ‘informed and sober’ it rarely happened.

“I have seen them push pens into people’s hands who are literally being sick through drink. How is that sober consent?” one source asked, adding: “They’re watching as young people make terrible decision, then lap it up under the guise of a documentary.”