Call the Midwife teases shock arrival that could break up the Turners

Is May's adoption by the Turners under threat?

Call the Midwife has teased a shock arrival that could cause big heartache for the Turners.

The popular BBC programme has hinted that there could be some disruption coming to Poplar in the form of a new character. And it’s all to do with the Turner family.

Dr Turner and wife Shelagh have been fostering adorable little May for a while and have since decided to try and formally adopt the girl as they can’t bear to part ways with her.

However, teaser photos for the upcoming episode have revealed that there might be a hitch in the family’s adoptions plans after the untimely arrival of an unexpected visitor.

Photos show May cuddling up to Shelagh looking quite timid and overwhelmed – what is going on? Is May’s adoption by the Turners under threat?

Call the Midwife The Turners

Why are the Turners looking glum?

May’s adoption looks under threat in Sunday’s Call the Midwife. Who’s the mysterious visitor? And what do they want?

The couple are also seen in the car appearing to be discussing something worrying, with Shelagh looking like she’s on the verge of tears. Has she had bad news?

Turners in the car in Call the Midwife

Shelagh looks very unhappy in Sunday’s episode

Another arrival that is set to shake up the upcoming episode is none other than fan favourite Dr Kevin McNulty.

The endearing character, played by Lee Armstrong, made an appearance in a recent episode as he visited Nonnatus House to learn about delivering babies.

The doctor worked closely with Nurse Valerie to assist with a difficult birth, learning a lot from the maternity ward as he fulfilled the role.

Lee Armstrong stars as ambitious junior doctor Kevin McNulty

And fans were taken with the new appearance, taking to Twitter to ask for more of him.

‘Petition to bring Dr McNulty back as a series regular,’ wrote one, while another added, ‘Dr McNulty can stay. He and Dr Turner would make an excellent team’.

Another fan agreed, ‘Who do I write to to get Dr McNulty as Dr Turner’s new partner please?’.

Looks like fans will be happy this Sunday!

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