Calvin Harris has claimed that he crashed The X Factor stage to ‘make a mockery’ of the competition and its ‘terrible’ music.

The singer ran on stage with a pineapple on his head during John And Edward’s act on Saturday before being escorted from the television studios.

Calvin criticised the ‘frightening stranglehold’ of judge Simon Cowell on the UK charts.

Speaking on The Chris Moyles Show he said: “I was just inspired to make a mockery of the show, because it is a music competition, it is a joke and I think it should be treated as such.

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible… For the greater good of the nation I wanted to go out there and make an idiot of myself and sort of just bring the whole show into another kind of area in which it’s treated as kind of a joke.”

Calvin said of Simon: “If you look at the chart, it’s like a frightening stranglehold that Simon Cowell has got over the entire music chart in the UK at the moment… I think it just shows that he’s not really a music fan.”

Asked what he thought of the twins, he said: “I’d love them to win because where can they go from there? Not them, where can X Factor go from there? It’s not a music competition.”

On the fate of the pineapple, Calvin added: “I’ve got half of it. I was actually going to auction it on eBay for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“But I don’t know if it’s maybe taking it a bit too far.”

Watch the stage invasion now: