Can Banksy clear a murder suspect?

The murder of teenager Danny Sissoulu returns to haunt DC Jacob Banks, when he discovers a link between a grisly murder and the grieving family he helped last month. Patrick Robinson tells us more…

What is the connection between the murder of the newsagent owner and the grieving family that Banksy helped last month?

“An anonymous 999 call reporting the murder has been made from a mobile that is registered to Danny’ Sissoulu’s dad, Joseph. On further investigation, Banksy finds out that Joseph bought the mobile to give to his son’s friend Mo, who is more or less a member of the Sissoulu family. But Mo hasn’t been seen since Danny’s murder.”

Banksy wants to believe that main murder suspect, Mo, is innocent. But he needs Joseph’s help to track down the runaway youth, doesn’t he?

“Yes, it’s an awkward situation for Banksy. Craig Middleton, the man who killed their son has walked free, so the family don’t have much faith in the system. As their Family Liaison Officer, Banksy worked hard to gain their trust at the time of the investigation into Danny’s death. But I think he knows that the Sissoulu’s don’t hold him personally responsible for what happened.”

Now that a few episodes of the new-look The Bill have been shown, what kind of reaction have you been getting from people?

“A good friend of mine who has watched the series for the last 25 years initially wasn’t quite sure about the added music and all the other changes at first. But the old version of The Bill is definitely gone, so I tried to persuade her that it was worth watching as a completely new drama. And since she’s watched it with that sort of eye, she has loved it!”

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