DC Jo Masters is out to catch a stalker in next week’s episode of The Bill, which guest stars ex-EastEnders star Kara ‘Dawn’ Tointon. Actress Sally Rogers, who plays Jo, tells us more…

A young woman called Ami (played by Kara Tointon) is convinced that a man called Jeremy has started stalking her, after he breaks into the flat she shares with her boyfriend, Josh (ex-Hollyoaks star Barry Sloane). What does Jo make of the case?
“Jo gets involved with the case and immediately realises that things aren’t quite what they seem. Both Ami and Josh say that they’ve never seen Jeremy before. But Jeremy claims that Ami and he have been having a secret affair and appears to be able to prove it.”

There’s a sinister twist when Jeremy’s fingerprints are found on Ami’s kitchen knives and above her bed. And he has a job as a security guard in the same building where Ami works…
“Yes, he’s been using the building’s CCTV cameras to spy on Ami. So Jo starts to become suspicious that there’s something truly odd about Jeremy. She’s determined to get him to confess that he’s been stalking Ami, and quickly realises that he’s a very dangerous man.”

And we’re hear that your character could be getting a promotion to Sergeant at Sun Hill?
“Jo is very shocked when Superintendent Meadows offers her the promotion. It means working alongside Sergeant Stone, so it’s something that she needs to give a lot of thought to!”