Countdown host Carol Vorderman says she will be counting the episodes of the popular series until she has notched up 5,000.

The 46-year-old maths genius has another 700 shows to record until she hits her target, reveals the Daily Express. “I’ve done about 4,300 so far, so I would like to notch up the 5,000th show in a few years’ time,” she said.

Carol has been the smiling face of Countdown since it first started in 1982, but with 170 shows filmed a year, she won’t be set to leave until 2011.

Meanwhile, Carol will be gearing up to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary next November. “It’s a special year for the quiz so I think there will be a programme to mark the birthday,” she said. “It’s incredible as I still enjoy making Countdown as much as ever.”

Her new co-host Des O’Connor is set to join Carol when the Channel 4 show starts again on January 2.