Carol Vorderman: ‘Alan Carr’s a naughty boy!’

Carol Vorderman talks to TV Times magazine ahead of becoming a regular panelist on ITV1’s Loose Women, and reveals why Alan Carr’s in her bad books…

Apparently Carol McGiffin described you as being ‘too upmarket’ for Loose Women?

“No, she didn’t say that! ‘That was my friend Alan Carr giving it a bit of a stir when Carol appeared on his C4 show, Chatty Man. Alan said it and she laughingly replied, ‘Ooh, you might have a point there,’ that’s all it was. If I’m regarded as upmarket, my lord!

“Alan’s a good mate of mine, but I gave him a right spanking when he was at my house last week – he’s been a naughty boy!”

You’ve made several guest appearances on Loose Women, but how does it feel to now be a regular alongside other new girl Sally Lindsay?

“I’ve met Sally a few times before and we’re both northerners. She’s lovely and very funny and I think we will all have a good laugh. We’re all quite different and have different opinions obviously, but that’s the point of the show.”

We get the feeling you won’t be the quiet one in the corner! And we’re also getting the feeling that you don’t like moaning?

“I love to be around happy people. I don’t like negative vibes because you only need one person like that in the room and they can bring the whole place down. I can’t be doing with the ‘Poor old me, stuff’. I can’t be doing with that at all because there are people with real problems. Generally you’ll find when people say something isn’t their fault, actually it is. Now if I do something wrong at least I accept the blame.”

You gained an engineering degree from Cambridge, and your daughter Katie is now going to the same university to study physics! Do you think she’ll be watching you on Loose Women?

“She should NOT be watching Loose Women, she should be in lectures at that time of day!”

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