Carol Vorderman has shrugged off the comparisons between new cooking show Food Glorious Food and The X Factor – saying the two shows are completely different.

Food Glorious Food, made by Simon Cowell’s production company Syco, hits screens on Wednesday night and will see contestants from around the UK competing for the chance to have their own home-cooked dish sold in Marks and Spencer.

But although the show has already been dubbed ‘The Eggs Factor’, Carol insists that it is “not competitive”.

“This is not X Factor – it has a very different, very British feel,” she explained. “It’s kind of eccentric.

“I know it’s a competition, but it’s very gentle and even those people that don’t get through or even don’t get rosettes, tend to be very happy. There’s no tears at bedtime!”

The show will see a judging panel which includes TV presenter Loyd Grossman and food writer Tom Parker-Bowles presiding over the contestants, who will also reveal the personal stories behind their culinary creations.

And it promises a variety of interesting contestants, from the oldest – 92-year-old Cornish native Eunice – to the naked chef, whose appearance caused the production staff a few headaches.

“That was a bit dangerous,” Carol admitted. “He was wearing an apron and was filmed from the back quite a bit, but I refused to go and stand next to him!”