Caroline Aherne set to make sitcom comeback

Caroline Aherne is set to make her television comeback in the new Steve Coogan TV comedy.

It seems the star behind The Royle Family and Mrs Merton has been offered a part in Craig Cash’s series Sunshine, reports The Sun. She’s been absent from TV for almost six years, apart from the one-off Royle Family special, Queen of Sheba.

The paper says that the 44-year-old comic star will appear alongside Steve Coogan, playing a barmaid in the show, which is apparently set in Liverpool during the Thatcher years.

A source said it was Caroline’s ‘audience pulling power’ that landed her the part.

“She is Sunshine’s answer to Rovers Return legend Bet Lynch, but without the leopard skin and beehive hairdo,” said the source.

The insider went on: “It will be fantastic for fans to see her on the small screen again.”

Sunshine centres around the character of Bing, who has been fascinated with gambling since he was a child, as his habit spirals out of control.

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