Carolynne Poole rules out more reality TV (VIDEO)

The X Factor finals casualty Carolynne Poole says she wouldn’t do another reality TV show following her controversial exit on Sunday.

The deflated 32-year-old singer lost in the showdown when judge Louis Walsh changed his vote from her to Rylan Clark, thus sending them to Deadlock, which meant the public votes saved her rival.

She told on Monday: “No, I wouldn’t do another one… Certainly, not at the minute.”

Carolynne formerly came third in Fame Academy and reached the judges’ houses stage of The X Factor in 2011.

She said: “Fame Academy was 10 years ago, you know it’s not like I suddenly went ‘Oh I’m going to go for X Factor now’. I was young when I did that, I was finding myself and I was just trying to fit into the music industry. Back then, I was still country, but… I would’ve done anything to get into the industry.

“X Factor gave me the opportunity to say this is who I am, this is what I do. If you don’t accept it and don’t like it, that’s fair enough. But this is what I do… Maybe if we were in America it would be a different story. But we’re not, we live in England.”

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