Castle attacks Secretary over daughter’s collapse

Andrew Castle has hit out at Health Secretary Andy Burnham on GMTV, claiming his daughter ‘almost died’ after taking Tamiflu.

Castle said his older daughter, Georgina (pictured), had a ‘respiratory collapse’ and ‘suffered very heavily’ after being ‘just handed’ the drug without having been properly diagnosed.

The presenter said: “I can tell you that my child – who was not diagnosed at all – she had asthma, she took Tamiflu and almost died.”

Mr Burnham sympathised with Castle, saying it must have been ‘very worrying’, but maintained that advice to parents to treat swine flu with Tamiflu remained unchanged. He said Georgina would have been given Tamiflu during the earlier ‘containment’ phase of swine flu.

Georgina, 16, was given Tamiflu when five pupils at Alleyn’s School in south London were diagnosed with the illness in May.

Castle revealed that he had a ‘personal example’ of the drug’s side-effects on children.

“We saw a respiratory collapse through it and it almost cost my older child her life,” he said on GMTV.

“Nobody checked that she had swine flu beforehand. The Health Protection Agency just handed it out at Alleyn’s School in south London and a lot of kids suffered in the school very heavily.’

“The doctor’s surgery wouldn’t take her. The doctor said, ‘No, we can’t take her to A&E.’ So she’s just on the floor having this nightmare of a situation.”

Mr Burnham told the presenter: “It must have been a very worrying situation for you, but that was in a very different phase of the illness when we were seeing the scenes from Mexico and we were in what we call the containment phase.”

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