Casualty star Amanda Mealing: ‘Connie and Ethan surprise ahead!’’

Amanda Mealing reveals to us that the future is full of dark, unexpected twists and turns for Causalty favourites Connie Beauchamp and Ethan Hardy.

Casualty’s new trailer recently revealed that Holby ED’s clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and doctor Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) become embroiled in a dark, new storyline, where they keep each other’s secrets. An uncharacteristically tearful Connie can be seen begging Ethan: “I kept your secret, please keep mine.”

While details of Connie’s secret are firmly under wraps, when What’s on TV talked to Amanda Mealing she revealed that her ex Sam Strachan’s disappearance with their daughter Grace has consequences for Connie.

Armed with this information and Ethan’s recent dramatic confession that he killed Scott Ellisson, we quizzed Amanda further on Connie and Ethan’s upcoming storylines…

Is Ethan a changed man since revealing his grave secret to Connie?

How will Connie treat Ethan now he’s confessed to having a hand in Scott’s death?
“Connie doesn’t have the greatest of maternal instincts, as we’ve seen with Grace, but she is a very good team leader and can sense when one of her team are struggling, so she starts to pay particular attention to Ethan. She wants to help him get back to the confident doctor he once was.”

Is this the start of a firm new friendship?
“It’s the beginning of something quite extraordinary for these two. You’d never put them together! Rather than just tell Ethan to pick himself up and get on with it, Connie has genuine concern for him. It’s the beginning of a new chapter between Connie and Ethan.”

Is it strictly work-based?

“It starts out as Connie’s managerial concern for a team member, which becomes more private and then develops into something more co-dependent!”

Could there be something more between them?

“Not in a romantic way. We’ll see a new bond between them, which I don’t think anyone would have ever thought of. In times of trouble they will eventually lean on each other. You’d never think of them of being buddies but it’s the beginning of a very intriguing and surprising relationship…”

Casualty returns to BBC1 this Saturday at 8.45pm.

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