Casualty star Amanda Mealing drops BIG hint about the idenity of Connie’s attacker!

Amanda Mealing reveals Connie Beauchamp’s attack is the beginning of a Casualty whodunit, with serious repercussions for her character…

There’s only one question Casualty fans want answered this week… Who attacked Connie Beauchamp?

We asked Amanda Mealing, who plays Connie Beauchamp in Casualty, to tell us more…

When Connie is discovered this week does she reveal who’s attacked her?

Amanda Mealing: “No, Connie can’t remember anything about who’s attacked her. She has amnesia and no idea who it was. It throws her into a tailspin.”

Top of the suspect list are Lilley, Ernest’s grieving daughter, Louise, who finds Connie this Saturday, the family Connie was treating last week, and any of Connie’s exes… What can you reveal? Any hints?!

AM: “Louise couldn’t do that, she’s a very good person. Connie’s exes, good but no… We have thrown some red herrings in there! Eventually down the line we do find out who it was and it’s very surprising. We have some juicy stuff coming up!”

Louise is troubled by Connie's attack. Is she a possible suspect too?

Louise is troubled by Connie’s attack. Is she a possible suspect too?

How does not knowing who’s responsible for the attack impact on Connie?

AM: “The attack has a knock on effect on Connie. It’s the catalyst for something. I think the idea of someone knowing her vulnerability causes quite an adverse reaction. She suffers post-traumatic stress disorder…”

Will Connie turn to anyone in particular in her hour of need?

AM: “No, she keeps it all to herself – she always does! She hides it well and in her inimitable way says she’s fine, but eventually it gets noticed.”

Were you pleased to take Connie in this direction?

AM: “Yes, to see someone who is so strong to struggle with anxiety, it’s an interesting aspect of her that we’ve not really seen. This is an important issue to highlight. We have to start looking at care for people after something like this, not just immediately after the event.”

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1 at 8.50pm.