Casualty and Holby City: Two MASSIVE crossovers and what they mean!

Everything you need to know about TWO dramatic Casualty and Holby City crossovers

There’s nothing fans of BBC’s Holby-based medical dramas Casualty and Holby City like better than a good crossover of storylines and characters.

However, because the two sister shows are filmed miles apart – Casualty’s studios are in Cardiff and Holby City’s in London – it doesn’t happen as often as viewers might expect for two programmes set in the same hospital.

That said, when characters and storylines do cross over it’s extra special!

This week fans of both medical dramas are in for a treat when Casualty nurse David Hide heads upstairs for a shift on Darwin ward and Holby City’s Director of Nursing Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher pops down to the ED – with explosive consequences…

When are the crossovers happening?

Holby City favourite Fletch guest stars in Casualty on Saturday 28th March at 8.25pm 

Casualty favourite David appears in Holby City on Tuesday 31st March at 8pm.

In Casualty on Saturday…

A man for all reasons. Fletch begs Charlie to take a step back

A man for all reasons. Fletch begs Charlie to take a step back

Fletch is back in the ED – where he worked as a nurse from 2012 until 2014, before relocating upstairs to Holby City.

Unfortunately it’s not a happy reunion… He’s following up on nurse Jacob Master’s call about Charlie last week. Jacob (Charles Venn) is experiencing a serious dose of the guilts for reporting Charlie to Fletch. But in his defence he was worried about how grieving Charlie (Derek Thompson) was coping since his wife, Duffy, died, and the knock on affect this is having on patients and staff.

In this week’s Casualty it looks like Jacob was right to worry after Charlie fails to notify the medical staff about a DNR on an elderly patient.

Fletch – who Holby City fans will know is buckling under the strain of cut-backs to nursing across the hospital – gently tries to manage the situation… only for Charlie to have a public showdown with his co-workers, mistakenly accuse David of betraying him to Fletch, before dramatically quitting his 40-year nursing career!

In Holby City on Tuesday…

Double take! David doesn't feel the love when he heads up to Darwin

Double take! David doesn’t feel the love when he heads up to Darwin

Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) is doing his best to tackle Holby’s on-going nursing crisis and brings David (Jason Durr) up from the ED to work on Darwin. David soon finds a friend in consultant surgeon Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo) – but he doesn’t appreciate Kian repeatedly calling him ‘Dave’.

Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel), however, is none too pleased with the new recruit and demands ‘specialist’ nurses for her heart ward. David takes this as a slight – he is a Band 5 nurse, after all! – but he’s still desperate to impress the formidable Naylor. When David later successfully diagnoses a patient with ‘broken heart syndrome’ will he have earned his stripes?

Will the nature of these two storylines mean more crossovers? We hope so!

Written by Elaine Reilly and Victoria Wilson

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