This Casualty favourite facing prison after SHOCK arrest

Casualty star Michael Stevenson reveals Iain Dean faces fresh horrors this week when the paramedic is arrested…

Last week Casualty paramedic Iain Dean had one of the most eventful days of his life. In the space of a single shift Iain (Michael Stevenson) was held hostage at gunpoint, stopped a siege by stepping in front of a loaded Luger, power washed his ambulance, battled in vain to save the life of his drug addict friend Base, and knocked drug dealer Ross unconscious.

And his day isn’t over yet!

This week Casualty picks up immediately from these events, and traumatised Iain doesn’t have time to take a breath before he’s facing a fresh ordeal… Iain’s arrested for assaulting Ross – the son of his boss, Jan Jenning!

“Being arrested is another dramatic twist in the downfall of Iain. It takes him by surprise. He’s not able to comprehend everything that’s happening. It’s coming at him right, left and centre!” reveals Michael Stevenson, who told us last week the show has no intention of letting up on Iain any time soon.

That’s certainly the case in this week’s Casualty when Iain is charged with assault!

Iain acted heroically in last week's siege

Iain acted heroically in last week’s siege in Casualty – but now he faces being arrested in a surprise twist in the BBC1 drama

“Iain’s actions [in attacking Ross] are obviously wrong, yet he reacted instinctively,” says Michael. “It’s frustrating for him.”

Can the troubled paramedic, secretly suffering Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, recover from this shocking plot twist?

“Iain’s on a waiting list for counselling and he definitely needs it.

“His energy levels are beyond reserve now. He’s running out of options and people he can talk to. Because everything’s gone so wrong he’s also running out of the capacity to want to talk to anyone,” explains Michael.

“His PTSD is now approaching severe depression. He needs someone on his side.”

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1 at 9.20pm.

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