Casualty spoilers: Amanda Mealing teases character’s exit from show

Fan-favourite Connie Beauchamp's storyline is about to reach breaking point

Amanda Mealing has teased her character’s explosive exit as she takes a break from the BBC show.

Fan-favourite Connie Beauchamp’s storyline is about to reach breaking point – but will she come clean about her anxiety issues and diazepam addiction?

Speaking about Connie’s shocking actions, Amanda said: “Connie is broken, desperate and not herself. By the time we get to the double episode, things come to a head and we will see how affected Connie is by the whole thing.”

Speaking to the Metro, Amanda went on to tease a “huge fallout”.

The actress continued, “What we will see in that double episode is the fact that an addict’s addiction not only affects them but the wider group around them. The chaos that ensures because of her pursuit of her drug of choice – this is it. These are the consequences; there’s a huge fallout.’

In the same interview, Amanda also said she can’t wait to return to the show following her break, which was first announced back in April.

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She added: “Oh I will be back! I have been struggling with a serious back problem for 18 months which is in part due to the weight loss – the medication I was taking was suppressing my appetite. So I just had an operation four weeks ago which is why I have been given time off.”

Amanda previously spoke publicly about her back pain while hitting out at claims she had an eating disorder.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “I’m forced to address something I’d hoped not to. My weight. Luckily for some of you & your insensitivity I am not struggling with an eating disorder. I am in extreme & constant back pain and have been for nearly a year.

“Standing for 11 hrs a day takes its toll. End of.”

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1 at 8.25pm

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