Casualty star Michael Stevenson: ‘Sadly Iain feels like he’s explored every avenue…’

Casualty actor Michael Stevenson hints paramedic Iain Dean has made an upsetting decision…

Casualty star Michael Stevenson reveals depressed paramedic Iain Dean is making secret plans in this week’s episode

While at work this week, paramedic Iain Deans seems back to his old self in many ways. From joking around with his  paramedic pal Ruby Sparks to re-connecting with homeless patient Luke, a frequent flyer Iain’s very fond of. At home, however, Iain is quietly packing up his belongings…

For viewers it’s a worrying change in mood after Iain walked out of his first therapy session last week before having a painful encounter with his nasty alcoholic mother at her hospice.

Michael Stevenson, who plays Iain, explains: “Iain’s was given a glimmer of hope when his counselling session came through recently. He was also reassured by boss Jan Jenning that she trusts him, which gave him a leg up.

“So when Iain went to counselling last week he falsely thought he didn’t need it. He left without completing the session but was advised by the counsellor to open up to someone. Iain turned to his mum hoping for the motherly support he desperately needs. It didn’t go well… it’s the final nail in his coffin.”

Iain's encounter with mum Kim last week has left him troubled

Iain’s encounter with mum Kim last week in Casualty has left him troubled

Has Iain’s painful encounter with his mother prompted him to pack up and start afresh elsewhere? Or has he made a more troubling decision?

“Sadly Iain feels like he’s explored every avenue and there are no more options open to him,” hints Michael, who adds: “He’s made a decision and while he’s not happy and carefree about it, he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.”