Catastrophe star and creator Sharon Horgan talks about the death of her Hollywood co-star just after filming the new series of the Channel 4 comedy

Hit Channel4 comedy Catastrophe is back on our screens this week. It hit the headlines for the wrong reasons at the end of last year, as it turned out to be the last show Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher ever worked on, and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney led the tributes.

“It was a privilege not only to work with her, but to be able to talk about her, to tell people about our experiences and give a little insight into the brilliant lady she was,” said Sharon. “She loved doing Catastrophe, she was part of the gang and always incredibly witty company.”

Carrie fisher


Sharon revealed Carrie, who died in December aged 60, is at the heart of this year’s big season finale.

“We idolised her, so we wrote her a bigger, chunkier part in episode six and she gave such a great performance, so funny and sad. It’s a bit raw for us to think about how we’ll mark her passing in the show, the only thing on our minds is a responsibility to do her proud.”

“She’s a much larger part of this series than she has been before, and I still find it crazy that we got the opportunity to work with her,” added Rob Delaney, who plays Carrie’s son on the show and co-wrote the series with Sharon.

“She was a wonderful woman – brilliant on screen and supportive behind the scenes. Obviously everyone was a fan of Carrie’s even before they met her, and we grew to love and appreciate her more every day. Her scenes are going to mess people up this time around.”

Catastrophe returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday, February 28.

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