CATCH ME DADDY - Sameena Jabeen Ahmed

Set amid the sweeping moors and scruffy urban edgelands of West Yorkshire, gritty and unsettling British thriller Catch Me Daddy pits a fugitive pair of young lovers against remorseless pursuers. Right from the start, you fear things won’t turn out well for runaway Asian teenager Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) and her white boyfriend Aaron (Conor McCarron), being hunted by two teams of thugs – one Asian, one white – dispatched by her obdurate restaurateur father.

Out of this set up, writer-director Daniel Wolfe and his brother Matthew create an almost relentlessly grim mood, with the odd moments of tenderness and humour quickly cancelled out by bursts of sickening violence. Bleak to watch, certainly, yet impressively put together, with eye-catching cinematography (by Robbie Ryan) and an arresting score that makes striking use of songs by Patti Smith and Tim Buckley.


Certificate 15. Runtime 112 mins. Director Daniel Wolfe.


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