Catherine Tate talks about ‘whiffy’ role

Catherine Tate has confessed that there was only one downside to filming her latest project – the smell of the period costumes she had to wear.

“They smelt quite a lot in the 1960s,” she joked. “But that’s the thing about vintage clothing – all very authentic but a little bit whiffy.”

The Doctor Who star’s latest film is Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution, the story of a 1960s wife who follows her husband and family into communist East Germany.

The 39-year-old, who writes her own material for comedy projects including the Catherine Tate Show, said the appeal for this film was in the script.

“I am involved in writing my own stuff and that’s great – but to get a script and get a brilliant script is a real joy,” she said.

“It never veers off towards absurdity, it doesn’t get too surreal or anything like that and it also never gets too sentimental.”

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