Watch out, Maria! ‘Caz will do crazy things,’ says Corrie’s Rhea Bailey

Caz is homeless in Corrie after Maria threw her out. But Rhea Bailey reveals she has a cunning plan to get back on Maria’s good side – and back in her flat

Thrown out of Maria’s flat for interfering in her life, Caz is now homeless in Corrie. But she has a plan to get her feet back under Maria’s table. Rhea Bailey reveals all to Soaplife…

So, what’s Caz’s cunning plan?
She knows Maria [Samia Ghadie] will be walking her dog, Ozzy, in the Red Rec, so she starts sleeping rough there in the hope Maria will walk past and take pity. And Maria does see her, but she only gives her some money. She doesn’t tell Caz she can move back in.”

Then Caz is robbed, isn’t she?
“Yes. All Caz’s wordly goods, which amount to two carrier bags, are nicked. She’s devastated and she’s very angry at the way her life is panning out. Instead of crying about it, though, she becomes bitter. And then she starts formulating a perverse plan to get herself back on the Street.”

What does she do?
“She has to get Maria to let her move back into the flat and make her feel like she needs her. Circumstances then play into Caz’s hands when Maria is burgled and attacked.”

 And Caz is there to offer support…
“Initially, Caz is just grateful she can be Maria’s shoulder to cry on. In some twisted way, Caz feels like the hero. She’s secretly happy she can help Maria get over this.”

But Maria only agrees to her staying in the flat for one night, doesn’t she?
“Yes. Caz is shattered all over again, and she realises she must come up with a reason why Maria might need her around.”

 And she does, doesn’t she?
“She makes a few anonymous phone calls to Maria. She figures if Maria’s scared, she’ll definitely want her to stay longer. Caz doesn’t feel guilty. She knows she’s seconds away from being homeless again and, having no one else in her life, she feels she has to do what she has to do to survive.”

Does Caz have feelings for Maria?
“It starts off just as friendship and almost as a need to be part of something, a part of Maria’s family, perhaps. For Caz, it’s always about needing to belong. She felt she belonged in the Army, but she doesn’t have that any more. She’s searching for that feeling again and so she does develop feelings for Maria.”

And worse!
“She does get a bit jealous and possessive and that leads to her doing crazier things! She’ll behave in a way people won’t be expecting!”

Coronation Street, ITV


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