Celeb Hijack: Street-Porter’s ‘Yoof’ TV (VIDEO)

Gobby journalist Janet Street-Porter tasked the housemates with ‘making television’ as she became the latest famous face to take control on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack.

After greeting the housemates with: “Wake up you lazy b*****s”, Street-Porter then revealed what Thursday afternoon’s task would be.

“Today, I want to see how you cope with the art of actually making television,” she said.

She went on: “I want you to prepare and present a whole variety of ‘yoof’ programmes – programmes you would actually want to watch.”

Nathan, Amy, Liam, Victor, Latoya and Calista were then chosen to make the first show – The Big Brother Debate Show – and were given access to the secret Task Room.

But, before they began, Street-Porter reminded them of what they’d be up against.

She said: “I will be chairing the debate and, as you’ve already worked out, I have a short attention span and I don’t like waffle.”

A journalist since 1969, Street-Porter was a pioneer of youth programming in the mid-80s.

VIDEO: Watch Janet Street-Porter hijack the Big Brother house

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