Celebrities tell David Cameron ‘a diminished BBC would mean a diminished Britain’

A host of A-list names from the world of showbiz have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister calling on him to protect the BBC from cuts to its service.

Those that added their names to the letter included James Bond actor Daniel Craig, his colleague in the long-running 007 franchise Dame Judi Dench, Sir David Attenborough, author JK Rowling, comedian Miranda Hart, and presenter Chris Evans.




They called on David Cameron to ensure the Government does not ‘turn it into a narrowly focused market-failure broadcaster’.

They add: “A diminished BBC would simply mean a diminished Britain.

“Like all organisations, it has its faults but it is overwhelmingly a creative force for good.”

They describe the BBC as ‘the envy of the world’.


(Anthony Devlin/PA)


Plenty of celebrities also took to Twitter in support of the Beeb, using the hashtags #BackTheBBC and #BackingTheBBC.








Tomorrow, a green paper released by the Government is expected to set out reforms for the BBC.

Reports have speculated that the paper may call for a slimmed down programming range and debate the future of the licence fee.

David Cameron stepping out of Downing Street

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Downing Street confirmed receiving the celebrities’ letter.

David Cameron’s official spokeswoman said: “The Prime Minister’s view is that the Charter review is an opportunity to strengthen the qualities of the BBC and we should let that process take its course.”


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