Celebrity Hijack: Amy wins kidnap task

Amy has beaten fellow Celebrity Hijack housemate Anthony in a task which saw the pair abducted and interrogated.

The two were taken away on Saturday morning shortly after Andy McNab took on the role of Big Brother and stormed the Big Brother house along with his ‘henchmen’ .

The SAS hero turned novelist was attempting to persuade them to reveal a secret code given to the housemates earlier in the week.

After several hours of interrogation Anthony revealed two of the digits of the code – but Amy proved harder to crack.

Eventually the conceptual artist was declared the winner after Anthony gave away the remainder of the code but Amy kept schtum.

And her prize was £5000 which she was awarded after entering the code into a safe in the Diary Room.

She also won immunity from the next eviction and had the chance to choose one other housemate who would also be immune – and she picked fellow abductee Anthony.

However, the boxer had a less pleasant surprise awaiting him after failing the task – to choose one housemate who would automatically be up for the next eviction. After much hesitation he selected Victor.

Afterwards, Andy praised the pair for the way in which they handled the kidnapping.

“You should be proud of what you’ve done,” he told them. “A lot of people wouldn’t have lasted.”

“You were amazing and so was Amy,” he told Anthony. “It’s a mind game. Interrogators just look for the tiniest way in. At one stage we thought it was Amy who would go first.”

However Amy refused to admit she had done anything remarkable.

I told myself what I’m doing is very small,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve done anything amazing. I was just quite determined. I thought it was more valuable to enter into conversation with the interrogators than say ‘no comment’.”

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