Celebrity Hijack: Brian’s back!

Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo surprised the Celebrity Hijack housemates on Sunday by making a guest appearance in the house.

Brian’s return to the Big Brother fold happened after DJ Chris Moyles took over in the Celebrity Hijack chair – and ordered ‘Brian’ to come to the Diary Room.

The former housemate – dressed in nothing but a towel – then raced through the living area looking less than pleased. “Big Brother always calls me to the Diary Room when I’m in the shower,” he shouted.

The current crop of housemates looked surprised, with Emilia calling for him to return to the house – and she wasn’t the only one who wanted Brian to extend his stay – with the man himself also pleading to be let back into the main house

“It looks the same, it smells the same,” Brian told Chris while in the Diary Room. “I want to stay.”

But Chris was having none of it. “Brian, you have been evicted,” he told him. “Get out!”

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