Celebrity Hijack: Housemates kidnapped!

Celebrity Hijack’s newest arrival Andy McNab wasted no time in making his mark on the house – by kidnapping Amy and Anthony.

The action began early on Saturday morning when two of Andy’s ‘henchmen’, clad in black clothes and balaclavas, stormed the Big Brother bedroom and subjected the housemates to questioning.

Following this, the pair removed Amy and Anthony from the rest of the group and took them to a secluded room for interrogation.

The aim of Andy and his men is to force the two into revealing a code word the housemates were given earlier in the week.

But unknown to them, the first housemate to give in and reveal the code will receive a “nasty surprise”, while the other will be rewarded.

However, neither Amy nor Anthony showed signs of caving in during early questioning, despite being subjected to a relentless ordeal from their kidnappers.

“I feel good actually,” Anthony said when asked how he felt. Amy, meanwhile, admitted that there was a codeword but did not say what it was.

And as for the other housemates? Well, they reacted to the rude awakening and subsequent abduction of two of their number by…going back to bed.

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