Celebrity Hijack: John’s looking for love

Celebrity Hijack housemate John Loughton is hoping to find true love in the Big Brother house, according to The Mirror.

His family have told the paper that the Scottish politician is single “but has an eye for the ladies”.

“He’s only 20,” his Aunt Jeanette said. “I hope his hormones don’t get the better of him.”

However, he got off to a good start with the female contestants, by sharing a hot tub with several of them on his first day in the house, including circus performer Emilia.

The latter went on to show her flirtatious side when she bonded with musician Nathan over the washing-up, telling him he was “really cool” – and then asking him for help with one of the dishes.

“I feel really strange doing this,” she said, “maybe you could clean it.”

“That’s your job,” responded Nathan, “I ain’t doing that. Just get down and dirty with it.”

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