Celebrity Hijack: Kelly O wields her power (VIDEO)

Celebrity Hijack control freak Kelly Osbourne has wasted no time in showing the Big Brother housemates who’s boss.

She told circus performer Victor that he was now in charge of making everyone tea. Should he not get everybody’s tea just right, he will be nominated for eviction.

Never has Earl Grey been so poisonous.

Earlier on Monday afternoon, she introduced herself to a shocked house.

“Hello housemates, this is Kelly Osbourne.”

“I love your mum!” screamed John. “I heard about that,” answered Kelly. “I’ve got some news, nominations will start in 15 minutes.”

“I knew it!” said John.

“You better get thinking…” advised Kelly.

“You sound sexy, y’know,” nodded Nathan.

“Don’t be a perv,” chided Kelly.

CLICK here to watch Kelly Osbourne on Celebrity Hijack

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